Washington State University Global Campus: Pioneering Excellence in Online Education and Esports

March 15

Washington State University (WSU) Global Campus is making significant strides in the realm of online education and esports, setting high standards and earning national recognition. The recent rankings by U.S. News & World Report for 2024 have placed WSU’s online programs among the best in the nation, a testament to the university’s commitment to providing top-tier online education. Additionally, WSU Global Campus has been at the forefront of integrating esports into the academic experience, hosting successful tournaments that engage and inspire students.

WSU Global Campus has established itself as a respected provider of undergraduate degrees, ranking 16th in the U.S. News & World Report’s Best Online Bachelor’s Programs. It earned high scores in individual areas, with its online undergraduate business and psychology programs ranking 17th and 6th, respectively. The Carson College of Business’s online MBA program was also recognized, ranking 22nd in the nation’s Best Online MBA Programs. Online graduate engineering programs in the Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture were also honored, ranking 36th in the Best Online Engineering Programs category.

“We’re incredibly proud to consistently remain at the top of the rankings year after year,” said Chancellor Dave Cillay. “Our academic partners, faculty, staff, and students have worked tirelessly in providing flexible, engaging, and high-quality learning opportunities, and it’s an honor to see that hard work and dedication recognized repeatedly.” As a sign of its support to veterans, the Global Campus’s online undergraduate programs, as well as its online MBA and online graduate engineering programs, are ranked among the best in the nation for veterans. The recognition demonstrates the continued commitment of the WSU Global Campus to provide accessible and supportive education to all.

In addition to their stellar online programs, WSU Global Campus announced they are expanding into the world of collegiate esports. The campus welcomed the Washington State Scholastic Esports Association (WSSEA) for the 2023-24 Rocket League State Championship to their Pullman, Wash. campus today “to further solidify itself as the front-runner for high school and collegiate esports.” Kennedy Catholic High School took home the tournament title and it was no lack of student attendees, as the event featured live commentary and students from across the state, including WSU’s official esports team.

“WSSEA is one organization that we are thrilled to be involved in as they help build the industry in our state,” said James Hoplin, Global Campus esports coordinator. “This partnership allows us to get involved in something we believe in while helping develop something bigger. This is another step for us to work with high school students and give them information on college esports and college in general.” WSU’s esports team was created with the overall commitment from Global Campus to innovate education and student activities. Launched in 2022, it’s the first esports team in Washington to represent a fully online university campus, the first to offer scholarships, and the first to join the Electronic Gaming Federation, which provides licensing, governance, and infrastructure to formalize competition, increasing access to league play and enhancing the visibility of the collegiate esports landscape

These achievements in online education and esports are fitting for an institution that is leading the way toward a future where academic excellence and competitive gaming merge into one. “We are excited to see the future opportunities that online programs present for our students, and we can’t wait to see where our partnership with high school esports teams and others will take us,” said Chancellor Cillay. Through these efforts, WSU Global Campus is redefining the educational landscape and building vibrant communities where students can excel both academically and personally.

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