PUBG Powerhouses Collide at PGS 4: Esports Fans on the Edge of Their Seats

June 5

Source: PubgEsports Twitter

 As the excitement of PGS 3 still lingers, the anticipation for PUBG Global Series 4 (PGS 4) is already building up. From June 3–9, the world’s top 24 teams will once again battle it out, promising back-to-back PUBG Esports action. Here’s a look at how teams from EMEA and the Americas performed in PGS 3 and who might take home the championship title this time around.NAVI’s new roster of Feyerist, DIFX, Hakatory, and SoseD had their share of skeptics before their global debut at PGS 3. The team had shown strength regionally, but their LAN performance was still a question. However, their phenomenal fourth-place finish at PGS 3 silenced the doubters. Ending their first global finals with the same total points as Twisted Minds is a remarkable achievement, showcasing their mechanical skill and the strategic acumen of coach Alrein. Fans are eager to see if NAVI can maintain this momentum and secure a top spot in PGS 4.

The Soniqs squad of Hwinn, Shrimzy, TGLTN, and Kickstart narrowly missed out on a back-to-back PGS title, falling short to CERBERUS Esports. Despite a slow start in the Grand Finals, the team climbed the standings, battling Twisted Minds for first place on Day 2. Although they were ultimately overtaken by CERBERUS, their second-place finish proves that the Soniqs are still a formidable force. PGS 4 presents another opportunity for them to reach even greater heights.

Twisted Minds entered PGS 3 with high expectations after four consecutive regional tournament wins. The team, featuring BatulinS, Lu, Perfect1ks, and xmpl, dominated the Group Stage and continued their momentum into the Grand Finals. However, a disappointing final day saw them drop to third place. With their proven confidence and resolve Twisted Minds are undoubtedly contenders for the PGS 4 championship if they can maintain their focus and determination.

Team Falcons struggled in PGS 3, finishing 22nd in the Group Stage and missing out on the Grand Finals. Despite this setback, the team has a history of success, including PAS1 and PAS3 Championship titles and an 8th-place finish at PGC 2023. If the Falcons can analyze and address their shortcomings, they could make a strong comeback in PGS 4.

FaZe Clan’s veteran roster of Fexx, Gustav, Curexi, and Jeemzz performed well in the Group Stage but faltered in the Grand Finals, finishing 15th overall. Known for their resilience, FaZe is expected to bounce back stronger. Their ability to perform under pressure has earned them the nickname “FaZe Sunday,” and fans are excited to see their strategy for PGS 4.

TSM’s squad of aLOW, Luke12, PurdyKurty, and Sparkingg had an impressive Group Stage, finishing in 5th place. However, they struggled in the Grand Finals, ending up in 14th place. Despite this, TSM’s explosive potential remains evident, and they will look to build on their Group Stage momentum in PGS 4.

After a stellar performance at the PUBG EMEA Championship, Virtus.pro faced tough challenges in PGS 3, finishing 21st in the Group Stage. The team, comprising Ibiza, Qwizzy, Lukarux, and NIXZYEE, struggled with circle RNG, affecting their consistency. The break between PGS 3 and 4 gives them time to regroup and devise new strategies for a better performance in PGS 4.

The Brazilian powerhouse Legacy has shown consistent strength in regional tournaments, easily qualifying for global events. However, they still need to adapt to the playstyles seen in global tournaments to succeed. The squad of Guizeraa, LFP1, VHZ, and RBN is on the brink of clearing this hurdle, and fans are eager to see their performance at PGS 4. Catch all the action from June 3–9 and see which team will emerge victorious in PGS 4!

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