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April 14

Sports is one of the grandest defined global passions. The best of sporting events has always mesmerized the senses of true sports fans and the iconic memories are set to stay forever. All the advances made in the other fields & trades known to man have contributed to the cause of sports in some distinguished way. The advent of websites is no exception. Internet and website content has integrated very well into the universal objective of sports combining reach & scope with trends. Top sports websites have ingrained in the consumers a majestic dose of passion and emotion. Here are the best of the best in no particular order.


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  • ESPN: There are no wonders to this pick. ESPN single-handedly changed the sporting platform for players and viewers alike. espn.com was launched in 1993 since then; ESPN has become a brand name associated with any sport with only average competition. The website offers live coverage for all sorts of sports and extended channel popularity using social media & marketing strategies effectively. The U.S based company owned by ESPN Inc. (a joint venture of The Walt Disney Company and Hearst Communications) is rightfully named ‘The Worldwide Leader in Sports’. Their most recent update is the launch of the much-anticipated streaming service.
  • Yahoo!Sport: Launched in 1997 by Yahoo, sports.yahoo.com is a household name for lovers of live score updates, previews & reviews, sports gossips etc. The association with STATS, INC. is a major talking point. Top sports covered by the network include NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB, NASCAR, Soccer, Golf, Tennis, Boxing, Motor Sports, Cycling, Cricket, Rugby, MMA, Horse Racing and then some. Acquiring another top sporting website Rivals.com, Yahoo! Sport is a happening name in the world of sports.
  • Sports Illustrated: Owned by Meredith Corporation, Sports Illustrated has employed over 3600 employees and generated above US$1.6 billion in revenue. In a popular and a bit controversial deal, Time Inc. acquired the property in Jan. 2018. Still, si.com is a go-to website for live scores, sports news and sporting investigations. The website generated about 20 million visits/month & has a subscriber build of over 3.5 million. SI is known for publishing self-explanatory sporting photos and a wide array of information.
  • FOX Sports: Launched in 1994, foxsports.com is a network that is constantly evolving and providing quality content to sports lovers across the world. Owned by Fox Broadcasting Company, a division of the 21th Century Fox, Fox Sports is very popular on broadcasting channels and social media alike. Free off-the-hook natures of reporting and in-depth analysis of broadcasts are its salient features. The flagship channel also proudly claims an even distribution of broadcasting in national & regional networks.
  • Bleacher Report: bleacherreport.com is a global dream destination for millennial sports fans from its origin in 2007. The best thing about the website is that bleacher report is created by genuine sports fans which means they care about their audience & it’s more than just business. Fans can enquire and request regarding content. The fan engagement and interaction is a beloved path for this website as the audience can help in creating content. Bleacher Report is actively churning out a sports culture for Gen X.
  • NBC Sports: NBC Sports is the sports programming division of the NBC network, owned by NBCUniversal. nbcsports.com is a dedicated sports broadcasting network responsible for all types of sports news and pastime sporting stories. With about 19 million visitors per month, the network has major broadcasting contracts with the likes of NFL, NHL, NASCAR, Olympics, PGA Tour, Tour de France, Premier League, Indycar Series. With terrific visual identity, their position & brand value in the market is a sports milestone.
  • Skysports: Sky Sports launched in 1990, is a fabulous website dishing out relevant sporting information related to all major traditional sports. Owned by satellite pay-TV company Sky plc, the brand is dominating subscription networks in UK & Ireland. skysports.com has played a major role in the commercialisation of sports and has aided betting & waging companies over the years. The popular reputation of the network has spread to social media too and is a reliable destination for impulsive sports news.
  • CBS Sports: Another crowning champion in sports networks across the world is CBS Sports. A subsidiary of CBS Corporation, cbssports.com features live scores, sports news, stats updates and player & game information. Top provided sports services are NBA, NFL, MLB, college basketball and football.
  • Cricbuzz: cricbuzz.com has to feature in this list even if it only applies to cricket related news, sports & activities due to higher Alexa ranking and vast popularity in Australia & Indian sub-continent. The site includes live coverage of cricket matches, player & team rankings and articles. Like most websites in this list, the mobile app is the most famous. Live streaming coverage is also offered by Cricbuzz.
  • ESPNcricinfo: ESPNcricinfo should be covered in the article in spite of top-rated ESPN again due to the popularity of cricket. espncricinfo.com offers a variety of cricket coverage including news, articles and live matches. An exclusive database of historical matches & players is the highlight feature. Named StatsGuru, the database offers stats from the 18th century to the present times.
  • LiveScore: LiveScore is a great website to keep track of live sports scores. Though popular for soccer, livescore.com covers other live sports scores also. Easier access and live tracking are great features which would also help with mobile app popularity.


Other major popular websites are also available for your sports entertainment. A few honourable mentions include Twitch for eSports lovers (https://twitch.tv/), nba.com for basketball enthusiasts, ncaa.com for the March Madness brackets, nhl.com for hockey league fans, flashscore.com for live football score updates & strava.com for athletes tracking fitness details.



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