PS5 games list: every PlayStation 5 exclusive and cross-gen game announced so far

October 1

The PS5 games line-up is shaping up to be one of Sony’s best yet. Though the launch catalog is a bit on the smaller side – only consisting of five titles, so far – the extended launch window has some seriously exciting games.

Among them, Horizon Forbidden West is releasing in 2021 as are Deathloop, the Harry Potter-inspired Hogwarts Legacy and The Lord of the Rings: Gollum. The future is looking pretty bright for Sony’s next-gen gaming console.

how do we know what Sony has planned for us? Well, over the last few months Sony has given us two next-gen showcases with hour-long gameplay footage presentations and, since then, lots more multiformat PS5 games have been revealed, such as FIFA 21 and Madden 21 – and we expect even more to be in the pipeline.

There’s plenty of competition, of course, especially now that Microsoft has unveiled a huge number of new Xbox Series X games and exclusives in its July Xbox Games Showcase and the final Xbox Series X price and release date. With many of those games coming to Xbox Game Pass too, it’s going to be a real fight this generation.

Below, we’ve compiled an extensive list of all the PS5 games that have been confirmed so far, including both first and third-party titles, alongside PS5 games that we expect (and hope) to see in the future.

Sony showcased its PS5 game line-up for the first time on June 11, during the Future of Gaming event. The event showcased 26 new PS5 games and trailers, from both first-party and third-party studios before giving us an additional dozen games at its September event where it unveiled the console’s price and release date.

You can check out all the announced titles below, along with all other confirmed PS5 games, such as FIFA 21, Cyberpunk 2077, and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. We’ll update these entries as more information on each of these games becomes available.

Final Fantasy 16

Newly announced at the PS5 reveal event, Final Fantasy XVI will bring the storied franchise onto the next generation as a PS5 console exclusive (it’ll also come out on PC). Based on the trailer we saw during the event, the game will return to the more medieval overtones that we saw back on Final Fantasy IX about 20 years ago. The combat, however, looks like a combination of the real-time battles of Final Fantasy XV and the even more recent Final Fantasy 7 Remake that just came out earlier this year. We don’t expect to see it any time soon, but we’ll be anxiously awaiting the next Final Fantasy game when it arrives… well, hopefully in the next decade.

 Hogwarts Legacy

One of the biggest surprises at the PS5 event was Hogwarts Legacy – an action game set in the Harry Potter universe. The game is set during the late 1800s, making it well before Voldemort’s rise and the murder of Lily and James Potter, and follows what appears to be a custom-created character as they survive Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The game is due out in 2021, so expect to hear more about this magical journey soon.

God of War: Ragnarok (PS5 exclusive)

At the very end of the PS5 price reveal event, Sony announced the next God of War game from Santa Monica Studios: God of War Ragnarok. Set after the events of the God of War reboot that came out in 2018, the next game in the franchise continues the path Kratos has blazed for himself up in the frozen north. The short teaser trailer doesn’t give us much to go off of – it’s basically just the Omega symbol with some runes carved into it – but it does have a release window attached: 2021.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Ubisoft has confirmed that the next chapter in the Assassin’s Creed series is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla sees players take on the role of Viking raider Eivor, who leads their clan from their native home of Norway to the the shores of Dark Ages England – with a hope of settling for good. But resistance from the Saxons won’t exactly make it easy.

This new Assassin’s Creed game leans more into RPG elements, allowing players to build and management settlements, raid towns for resources, form alliances and even customize their character.

What’s more PS4 players will be able to upgrade to the PS5 version of Valhalla for free.

 Astro’s Playroom (PS5 exclusive)

This is one PS5 game you won’t have to buy – it’ll comes pre-loaded with the console. Astro, who you may remember from the ‘Playroom VR’ game on PS4, returns in late 2020, although this platform game appears to be stripped on VR innovation. Instead, it acts as a demo of the PS5 DualSense wireless controller, according to Sony. It’ll be cute tech demo and not cost you any money.

Atomic Heart

Developed by Mundfish, Atomic Heart is a first-person shooter set in an absurdly strange, alternate universe during the “high noon of the Soviet Union”. Playing as one of the Soviet government’s special agents, you’ll need to figure out just why your mission failed and why you’ve heard nothing from your superiors.

Atomic Heart will be heading to PS5 and Xbox Series X, as well as current-gen consoles, though no release date has yet been given.

 Battlefield 6

Electronic Arts has confirmed that Battlefield 6 is coming to Xbox Series X and PS5 in 2021. Speaking to GameSpot, EA said that Battlefield 6 will be “targeting new innovation that will be enabled by next-gen platforms”. We’re still largely in the dark about what Battlefield 6 is about, and whether it’ll also be available on current-gen consoles, but we can’t wait to find out more.

Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X, with players who already own the PS4 or Xbox One versions of the game being able to upgrade to the next-gen versions for free (which includes all your saves and content purchases).

In addition, the next-gen versions will include new Vault Hunter skill trees, additional add-on content, vertical split-screen, and four-player local co-op. While 2K Games has teased that crossplay may also be on the way.


Bugsnax is the innocent-looking PS5 game that takes cues from cutesy titles Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Octodad, with a snack-filled gameplay twist. There’s a good reason its graphics looks like Octodad: Dadliest Catch – it’s made by the developers behind the student-developed hit game.

In Bugsnax, you play as (mostly) bipedal animals and critters that eat food favorites, like fruit and sausages – and oddly become those snacks. Arms will turn into hotdogs and hands will turn into strawberries. It sounds weird… and delicious.

Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War

As rumored, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is going to be the next instalment in the Call of Duty franchise and it will release on November 13 2020.

Developed by Treyarch, Black Ops Cold War is set to be a direct sequel to the original Black Ops title from the same developer. The game’s single-player story will take players into the tense political atmosphere of the 80s, where they can expect to encounter familiar faces from history as well as the original Black Ops title as they hunt down a mysterious Soviet agent known as “Perseus”.

At the moment, little is known about Black Ops Cold War’s multiplayer offering but it will have one and more information is coming in September, with details on traditional multiplayer and Zombies modes, as well as the battle royale Warzone, expected.

When it launches in November, Black Ops Cold War will be available on current-gen consoles but next-gen releases on PS5 and Xbox Series X have been confirmed for “Holiday 2020”, with cross-platform and cross-generation support confirmed.

 Chivalry 2

Chivalry 2 is a multiplayer first-person hack n’ slash that sees players thrust into epic medieval battles where you can siege castles, unleash flurries of fiery arrows upon enemies and dominate in 64-player battlefields. Chivalry 2 has been confirmed for current-gen and next-gen consoles, with cross-play available across all platforms.


Chorus is another game introduced during the Xbox Series X gameplay reveal video, but its official YouTube trailer confirmed it’s also coming to PS5 (and PS4).

The futuristic starfighter shooting game follows Nara as she pilots her sentient ship Forsaken to destroy the cult she once belonged to. Wild! Its visuals evoke the moody red lighting of Control, but the combat feels a lot like Everspace and other arcade-style space shooters.

Chorus is another game introduced during the Xbox Series X gameplay reveal video, but its official YouTube trailer confirmed it’s also coming to PS5 (and PS4).

The futuristic starfighter shooting game follows Nara as she pilots her sentient ship Forsaken to destroy the cult she once belonged to. Wild! Its visuals evoke the moody red lighting of Control, but the combat feels a lot like Everspace and other arcade-style space shooters.


Remedy Entertainment has confirmed its critically-acclaimed supernatural action-adventure, Control, is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X. We currently don’t know much more than that but the studio has teased we’ll find out more “at a later date”.

Cris Tales

Described as an “indie love letter to classic JRPG”, Cris Tales is a beautifully-drawn action-adventure that allows you to see the path, present and future simultaneously as you travel across a dark, fairy-tale world.

 Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt Red has finally confirmed Cyberpunk 2077 is coming to PS5. Those who buy the PS4 version of the game will be able to play it on PS5 as soon as the next-gen console launches through backwards compatibility – with a free update upgrading the game’s visuals.

In addition, the developer confirmed on Twitter that a “later upgrade to Cyberpunk 2077, taking full advantage of the next-gen hardware, will be available for free” sometime after launch.


When Arkane Lyon’s Deathloop was unveiled at E3 2019, its stylized trailer showed players surviving on a chaotic island where everyone’s trying to kill you, over and over, as you try to escape a timeloop. But Sony’s PS5 gameplay reveal gave us a lot more insight and, well, gameplay: in Deathloop, you play Colt, enemy number one on the party island of Blackreef, and you’ll have to sneak and shoot your way past eliminating eight targets that keep you locked in a groovy, nightmarish Groundhog Day. Oh, and fend off an assassin coming to take you down….who might be controlled by another player.

The game seems to be shaping up like an entry in Arkane’s lauded Dishonored series that’s been dipped in the 70s with some righteous Saul Bass style to boot. We. Are. Pumped.

 Demon’s Souls (PS5 exclusive)

It’s been more than ten years since Demon’s Souls frustrated us to no end on PS3, and its ruthlessly difficult combat is back for the PS5 launch window. It’s being built from the ground up by Japan Studio and Bluepoint Games. You know, just in case you didn’t think 2020 was hard enough, this classic will make you want to throw that brand new PS5 DualSense controller across the room in anger. Bring on the incessant trial-and-error combat!

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 will be coming to PS5, Bungie has announced. Purchasing the new Beyond Light expansion on PS4 will allow you to download the PS5 version for free, too. With a new expansion coming in 2022, too, this suggests that a full Destiny 3 is still some years away.

Destruction AllStars (PS5 exclusive)

An eclectic mish-mash of Twisted Metal and Fortnite, Destruction AllStars is the kind of bonkers, multiplayer action we can get on board with. Judging from the game’s explosive PS5 trailer, it appears that the battle starts with everyone inside high-powered vehicles, and then the action transitions into a frantic free-for-all as you try to stop your driver from being run over. We’ll be keeping a keen eye on this one.

Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition

If you missed the explosive Devil May Cry entry on PS4, you’ll get a second chance on PS5 with Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition. An out-and-out action game, DMC follows three interconnected protagonists (Dante and Nero among them) as they deal with a demonic invasion on earth. It was one of the best action games of the year in 2019 and it could help fill out the PS5’s stable of action games when it arrives.

Dirt 5

The racing franchise returns with Dirt 5 (stylized DiRT 5), which was introduced during the Xbox Series X gameplay reveal video and shortly thereafter confirmed to be coming to PS5 (and PS4, actually).

Dirt 5 will surely showcase off-road racing in worldwide locations like previous games in the series. While we don’t know much about the new title, we do know that the top dogs in male voice acting, Nolan North and Troy Baker, will both lend their talents to the game.

Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal is coming to PS5, publisher Bethesda has confirmed, and the publisher says that players who own the game will be able to upgrade for free when the new version becomes available. The PS4 version is also intended to be backwards compatible at launch. How the upgrade will be provided wasn’t detailed.

Dragon Age 4

We may not know much about Dragon Age 4 quite yet, but we do know it will come to next-gen consoles – though not until April 2022 at the earliest.


Dustborn is a single-player, story-driven, action-adventure that sees you leading a band of misfits across a divided USA on a mission to transport a package. You’ll be able to get your hands on the game when it releases for PS5 (and PS4) in 2021.

Dying Light 2

During an interview with Wccftech at E3 2019, developer Techland confirmed Dying Light 2 is set for next-gen consoles.

“Techland always has an eye on the latest new toys!” Techland’s chief technology officer, Pawel Rohleder, said. “To be more specific – yes, the plan since the beginning of production has been to make Dying Light 2 a cross-generation title.”

Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 is officially coming to PS5, Ubisoft has confirmed.

Far Cry 6 takes place in a “tropical paradise frozen in time” called Yara. Yara is controller by dictator Anton Castillo (played by Breaking Bad’s Giancarlo Esposito), who aims to restore the paradise to glory with help from his son, Diego – through any means necessary. However, a revolution is taking place in Yara which aims to take down Castillo. Players take on the role of protagonist Danny, a revolutionist in the fight against Castillo.


Shocking no one, EA Sports’ FIFA 21 is coming to PS5. As well as looking nicer, expect faster loading times and smart use of the DualSense controller’s haptic feedback feature. EA’s also boasting of ‘deferred lighting and rendering’ for extra realism.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach

 PS5 fans will get a taste of horror and suspense when the new Five Nights at Freddy’s game lands on Sony’s next-gen console. We don’t know a ton about how the game fits within the Chuck E. Cheese-inspired horror world of Five Nights at Freddy’s, but if the trailer is anything to go off of, it looks frightening as hell.




Fortnite was confirmed for PS5 in May 2020. It’ll arrive at launch, and players can expect some kind of visual upgrade for the game. In mid-2021, the game will be migrated to Unreal Engine 5, too.


Ghostwire: Tokyo

Ghostwire: Tokyo is a new PS5 exclusive from Shinji Mikami and Tango Dreamworks that sees the city of Tokyo 99% depopulated by a paranormal occult event, leaving malevolent spirits to savage the city and its survivors. It has all the hallmarks of modern Japanese horror, down to creepy schoolgirls and faceless umbrella-yielding spirits dressed like they’re going to work at a Neo-Tokyo bank right out of Akira. You play as one of the city’s survivors who develops superpowers of their own during the mysterious paranormal event, so it’s up to you to defend the city against the forces besieging it using all sorts of paranormal abilities.



Gearbox and Counterplay Games revealed Godfall at last December’s Video Game Awards, which looked like a hack-and-slash Destiny, or a Borderlands with swords. Surprise! The gameplay trailer we saw at Sony’s PS5 event confirmed our suspicions, with players bashing and slashing big monsters in gloriously ornate armor sets. Those are called Valorplates, because of course they are, and you’ll swap between them to ‘transform … into unstoppable masters of melee combat’ on your climb through elemental realms to kill the mad god Macros. Godfall, indeed. This solo or co-op PvE game looks extra in all the right mindless ways.

Goodbye Volcano High

Many of the PS5 games shown off at Sony’s reveal event were all about showing off dynamic worlds filled with combat and eyeball-bursting visual effects, but Goodbye Volcano High took a completely different approach. This game looks like it’s going to bring the kind of branching narrative design of Life is Strange or The Walking Dead into the next generation in an inclusive love story about teenage dinosaurs, and in a way, that kind of makes it the highlight of the entire PS5 games event for a certain kind of person.

Gotham Knights

This successor to the Arkham series of Batman games is coming in 2021, but it has a few key differences to its predecessors. For one, Batman isn’t even in it: you play as Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood or Robin, each of which have their own combat styles, and two-player co-op is supported throughout the game. You can enjoy it solo too, of course.



After gauging interest with a playable teaser, developer THQ Nordic has confirmed that it’s going to remake its 2001 cult classic and bring it to PS5.

Nordic is planning to “stay as faithfully as possible to the original experience” and modernise gameplay mechanics but it’s also promised fans that it’ll be playing close attention to player feedback from the playable teaser; already the developer has said that it’s hearing calls for a “grittier and less colourful world”.

Development is still in the very early stages, though, and we shouldn’t expect to see it in 2020.

 Gran Turismo 7 (PS5 exclusive)

It wouldn’t be a proper PlayStation game launch event without a tease of a new Gran Turismo game – and it wouldn’t be a proper Gran Turismo tease if it didn’t leave us scratching our heads as to whether or not this would be a launch game. There was no release date attached to this forthcoming PS5 game.

No matter. We can tell you that developer Polyphony Digital is working on its next-gen vision for the racing sim series, and its first numbered GT racing game since GT6 in 2013. Unlike some other PS5 trailers shown during Sony’s reveal event, we got to see in-game footage from behind the steering wheel. You’ll think it looks either magnificent or magnificently boring depending on your view of the franchise.

Grand Theft Auto 5 enhanced

Third time’s a charm for Rockstar Games, which is set to bring GTA 5 to the PlayStation 5 in what the company is calling a “new and enhanced” edition. What exactly is new or enhanced remains to be seen or what this means for the still-rumored GTA 6 release date. We’d like to finally see some single-player DLC added, if possible. What we do know is that the PS5 version will come in 2021, and those still playing the GTA Online portion of the game on PS4 will get $1 million of in-game cash every month until its PS5 release.


Graven is an action-adventure RPG/first-person puzzler that sees you exploring a “dark fantasy world as a wrongly convicted man of faith”. It’s coming in 2021 to current and next-gen consoles.


If you’re looking for a relaxing co-op adventure game, Haven might just be for you. Coming to PS5 and PS4, the game was designed to “feel like a gentle breeze” according to the game’s creative director, Emeric Thoa. It shuns fast-paced action in favor of simplicity and relaxation. That doesn’t mean it’s dull by any means – just check out the trailer above and you’ll see it’s anything but.

Heavenly Bodies

Heavenly Bodies asks players to take on the unique challenge of mastering tasks in zero gravity. You’ll need to use the left and right triggers and analog sticks to move your astronaut’s arms and legs (kick with R1 and L1) as you attempt to keep a space station operational.

The game makes full use of the DualSense controller, with the adaptive triggers letting you feel objects slip from your grip and the density of the item you’re holding. The haptic feedback, meanwhile, lets you feel the rattle of the ship, levers snap from its base and the loss of all sensation as your body is swept into the endless void. We always wondered what that felt like…

Hitman 3

Hitman 3 will be coming to the PS5 in January 2021, and it looks like an amazing way to begin a brand new year with the PlayStation 5. The game will finish up the World of Assassination storyline that began with the series 2016 reboot and the reveal trailer even shows off some gameplay footage from the Dubai level. It’s just as eye-popping as you’d expect it to be, with Agent 47 infiltrating a skyscraper by scaling the outside against the desert backdrop and donning the various disguises the series is known for.

Hood: Outlaws and Legends

Developed by Sumo Digital, Hood: Outlaws and Legends was confirmed to be heading to PS5 during the State of Play live blog on August 6. Not many details were given during the announcement, but this third-person medieval action game features PvPvE gameplay, possibly making it a bit like Hunt: Showdown. Two teams have to pull off a heist from an oppressive government, facing off against tricky AI guards (and presumably each other). It’s set for release sometime in 2021.

Horizon Forbidden West (PS5/PS4 exclusive)

Aloy returns in another graphically stunning adventure, which will see the future warrior take on robotic dinosaurs across America in the PS5 sequel Horizon Forbidden West. In terms of gameplay, it seems like a similar set-up to the previous game, an open-world epic across glistening beaches and vertigo-inducing mountains. It was easily the most visually-arresting game during the PS5 showcase – perhaps the only game that looked like a true generational leap from what we’ve seen previously on the PS4 and PS4 Pro.

Immortals Fenyx Rising

Originally called Gods and Monsters, Immortals Fenyx Rising  sees players taking on the role of Fenyx, a red-headed mortal who can perform various godly abilities and wield exotic weaponry. It’s up to Fenyx to restore order to a fantastical world that’s been thrown into chaos by Typhon, one of the deadliest creatures in Greek mythology.

While Immortals has a release date for PS4, Xbox One and PC (December 3), there’s no confirmation of when we’ll see it land on PS5 – but we have had  official confirmation from Ubisoft that it’ll be coming to the next-gen consoles.

Jett: The Far Shore

Jett: The Far Shore is a bit of an enigma, but that’s to be expected from Superbrothers, the studio behind Sword and Sworcery. The new game follows Mei, a Jett scout who descends from a massive starship to explore a mythic ocean planet and discover the source of an interstellar transmission – but set to the sound design and compositions of scntfc, the artist behind the soundtracks for Afterparty, Oxenfree, and Jenny leClue, Detectivu, Jett: The Far Shore promises to be an audiovisual (and vibrationally tactile) experience.

Just Dance 2021

The latest entry in the Just Dance series will be boogieing its way to PS5. Featuring tracks from Dua Lipa, Eminem and The Weeknd, Just Dance 21 is due for release on current -gen consoles on November 12 (with next-gen launch dates to be confirmed).

Kena: Bridge of the Spirits

An enchanting story-driven adventure game, Kena: Bridge of the Spirits revolves around finding and growing a small team of spirit companions called the Rot. You’ll need to enhance their abilities and find new ways to manipulate the environment in a game which reminds us of the Xbox 360 launch title, Kameo: Elements of Power. The game promises to take full advantage of the next-generation features of the PS5, so hopefully there will be some interesting use of 3D audio and the DualSense controller’s unique functionality.

the next-generation features of the PS5, so hopefully there will be some interesting use of 3D audio and the DualSense controller’s unique functionality.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

What would a next-gen console be without next-gen Lego? Nothing, that’s what. So it’s lucky that Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X. That means you can play through nine Star Wars stories in one game – what a time to be alive! Coming in 2020.

Little Devil Inside

Little Devil Inside is a cute action RPG with a cartoony style, but there’s not much else we know about it: half the trailer shows a traditional adventurer-dude evading monsters great and small in a variety of environments, while the other half shows a refined older gentleman strolling about town. Mystery! What we do know is the game was successfully Kickstarted…and originally slated to come out in June 2016. After many delays, it’s unclear when exactly it’ll arrive on PS5 – but it will be a timed exclusive on the new console before heading to PS4 and PC.

Little Nightmares II

Suspense-adventure (read: creepy) Little Nightmares is back. The sequel looks even more spine-chilling than its predecessor, but at least this time it seems you get a buddy to join you on your terrifying adventure. Expect puppets, headless creatures and slender-man looking gentlemen.

Little Nightmares II is coming to PS5, Xbox Series X, Switch and PC on February 11.

Madden 21

EA’s biggest sports series in the US will make it onto PS5 this year. Expect similar upgrades to FIFA, with haptic feedback, faster loading times and unprecedented realism in the look of the players and environments. Spatialized audio is also being touted as a serious upgrade for the next-gen version.

Marvel’s Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers will be getting a free next-gen upgrade to be playable on PS5 and Xbox Series X. This upgrade will improve the game’s graphics, make load times faster and add ray-tracing, while also allowing current-gen players to move their progress onto the next-gen consoles. In addition, it will introduce cross-play for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales (PS5/PS4 exclusive)

Initially we thought that Spider-Man Miles Morales was a sequel to Insomniac’s critically-acclaimed Spider-Man, then it seemed like the game was an expanded remaster of the original game. Now, it’s been confirmed that Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a standalone title similar to Uncharted: Lost Legacy, acting more like a spin-off than a fully-fledged sequel – a kind of 1.5 iteration sitting in the middle.

Regardless, we’re excited. While we don’t know too much about the game, you should be able fast-travel across New York almost instantly thanks to the PS5 SSD, while the haptic feedback in the PS5 DualSense controller should enhance the feel of the combat.


Maquette is a first-person puzzle game reminiscent of The Witness, and its coming to PS5 (and PS4). According to the game’s description, Maquette “takes you into a world where every building, plant, and object are simultaneously tiny and staggeringly huge”.

Metal: Hellsinger

Metal: Hellsinger is aiming to take Doom’s crown as the most metal game of all time. Featuring an original soundtrack with vocals from the likes of Trivium’s Matt Heafy and Arch Enemy’s Alissa White-Gluz, the rhythm FPS marries headbanging metal with shooting up demons – with accurate shots intensifying the music and increasing your power. It’s coming to current-gen and next-gen consoles in 2021.

NBA 2K21

The NBA 2K21 trailer for PS5 doesn’t contain any cheering fans – so it’s the most realistic depiction of this year’s real-life NBA 2020 season so far. It features NBA Pelicans player Zion Williamson all alone on the court – just him, a basketball and loads of sweat. We’re going to want to see more true gameplay footage from this Visual Concepts-developed game, and we probably will before the PS5 launch date. NBA 2K games usually come out in September, and it’s due for other platforms, meaning if you want the best-looking next-gen version, you may have to wait.

Observer: System Redux

Observer has already graced current-gen consoles, but developer Bloober Team has revealed that it is remastering the sci-fi horror for PS5 and Xbox Series X – for release in “Holiday 2020”. This remastered version will feature enhanced gameplay, next-gen graphics and new story content.

Oddworld: Soulstorm

You just can’t keep a good Mudoken down. The next game in the Oddworld series is, again, a remake: while the 2014 Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty remade the original Oddworld: Abe’s Oddyssey, the next title in the series, Oddworld: Soulstorm, remakes its sequel, Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus. This makes it the perfect place for new players to pick up: Soulstorm follows the series protagonist, Abe, who has just stirred himself from worker bee complacency to lead an uprising with his fellow Mudokens against their exploitative capitalist overlords, the Glukkons. Truly a game for our times.


People Can Fly has confirmed that its upcoming co-op shooter Outriders will land on both PS5 and Xbox Series X in “Holiday 2020” (AKA between October and December this year) – the same release window that we have for both next-gen consoles.

We don’t know a huge amount about Outriders just yet, but the developer has described it as “a co-op RPG shooter for a new generation set in an original, dark and desperate sci-fi universe”.

Overcooked: All You Can Eat

A scrumptious bundle which includes Overcooked and Overcooked 2, Overcooked: All You Can Eat spruces up two classic co-op games for the PS5. With all the DLC included, as well as some new content, this remaster supports cross-play, online multiplayer and a saucy 4K resolution at 60fps.

Paradise Lost

Due for release on PS5 and Xbox Series X later this year, Paradise Lost is a first-person adventure about a young boy who finds a Nazi bunker while exploring a post-apocalyptic Polish wasteland and aims to uncover the truth behind the nuclear attack which devastated his homeland 20 years prior.

The Pathless

Developer Giant Squid has confirmed that The Pathless is coming to PS5 in 2021.

From the creators of ABZU, The Pathless is an adventure game where you take on the role of a hunter tasked with cleansing an island of its curse. The title will take full advantage of the PS5’s DualSense controller technology, adding to your overall immersion as you explore the game’s vibrant open world.

Planet Coaster: Console Edition

Planet Coaster: Console Edition will launch as an enhanced version for PS5 and Xbox Series X, as well as PS4 and Xbox One. Planet Coaster is a construction and management sim that lets you create your own amusement park. Initially due to release in “Summer 2020” the game’s release has been pushed to “Holiday 2020”, with the title due to release on all platforms simultaneously.

Poker Club

Due for release in 2020, Poker Club is apparently “the most immersive poker simulation ever made” and sees you living the life of a poker pro, joining a club and competing in online tournaments.


Another offering from Capcom, we don’t know very much about Pragmata. The game’s trailer shows a spaceman protecting the world (and a little girl) from otherwordly forces, and the character walking through desolate futuristic streets; it looks like something Hideo Kojima would concoct. It’ll be a while before we get our hands on Pragmata, which will release for PS5 (and Xbox Series X) in 2022.

Project Athia (PS5 exclusive)

The Project Athia PS5 trailer explicitly stating that the game was “designed exclusively for PS5” (although it’s also coming to the PC, we subsequently found out). No matter, this all-new IP is from Square-Enix, the developers behind the Final Fantasy franchise. Set in a lush fantasy world full of creatures and giant dragons, it looks set to be a large-scale action adventure, melding the magic-wielding elements of the Final Fantasy games with some of the large-scale environments you’d expect from an open-world game. One to watch.

Quantum Error

Quantum Error “cosmic-shooter” FPS which sees you playing as Captain Jacob Thomas, a firefighter who is sent alongside his partner to investigate the Monad Quantum Research Facility – which has been attacked by an unknown entity. Coming to both PS4 and PS5 in 2021.

Rainbow Six Quarantine

Rainbow Six Quarantine was first confirmed during Ubisoft’s E3 2019 press conference. It was never given a solid release date but it has since been delayed into the 2020-2021 financial year.

So, while we still don’t know a release date, this delay has pushed the game closer to the PS5 launch. And, according to Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot, it’s one of a number of games that’s been officially confirmed for the next-gen console.

Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft has confirmed that its online tactical shooter, Rainbow Six Siege, will be available on PS5 from launch day (whenever that launch day may be). Not only that but the next-gen versions will boast 4K/120fps support.

In order to avoid forcing early next-gen adopters from having to leave their Siege friends behind, Ubisoft has also said that the game will support cross-generational multiplayer, so PS5 owners will still be able to play with their PS4 friends.

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart (PS5 exclusive)

An all-new Ratchet and Clank game, Rift Apart looks like a Pixar film come to life. A colorful, kid-friendly platform-shooter hybrid, it was perhaps the best example of the PS5’s new SSD storage system. Sequences were shown off where the hapless pair were seemingly beaming from detailed world to detailed sci-fi world in an instant, a feat that old-school storage wouldn’t have been capable of with the level of detail on display.


In what might be the first game that lets you play as a sentient virus, Recompile sees you infiltrate the digital, virtual world of The Mainframe. The game combines traditional exploration-based platforming with a dynamic narrative that encourages player choice. Will you go in all guns blazing, or hack enemies to turn them against each other? Ultimately, your choices will affect the future of Recompile’s world.

Resident Evil 8: Village

While the series has focussed on glossy third-person remakes of classic survival horror adventures recently in the shape of Resident Evil 2 and 3, the future of the mainline series is firmly first-person. Resident Evil 8: Village is coming to the PS5, and looks as if it will feature a return to the creepy European setting of the series’ high-point, Resident Evil 4. From werewolf-like monsters to the return of Chris Redfield, it looks as terrifying as it is beautiful.

Returnal (PS5 exclusive)

Returnal comes from the arcade shooter specialists at Housemarque, but it’s a very different kind of experience to Dead Nation or Resogun. This third-person shooter/rogue-like hybrid has you stuck on an alien planet that transforms each time you die, an Edge of Tomorrow-like premise where death is part of the story. You can switch fire modes using the DualSense’s adaptive triggers.

Ride 4

The next entry in the fast-paced, motorcycle racing series will be coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X on January 21, 2021, and promises ” hundreds of bikes, dozens of tracks and a whole new level of realism.”

Riders Republic

If you’re an extreme sport fan then you may want to check out Ubisoft’s Riders Republic when it lands on current and next-gen consoles on February 25, 2021. The multiplayer playground sees you having access to bikes, skis, snowboards and wingsuits – what more could you ask for?

Sackboy: A Big Adventure (PS5/PS4 exclusive)

No, we didn’t see LittleBigPlanet 4 at the big PS5 game reveal event, but Sony and developer Sumo Digital did offer up a spin-off game featuring your favorite burlap hero from LBP, Sackboy. This is a 3D platformer, instead of a 2.5D game, giving Sony a Super Mario rival at launch with the cuteness of a Yoshi game. Best of all, it appears to include four-player gameplay, as revealed by the end of the trailer.

Scarlet Nexus

The anime-styled hack-and-slash Scarlet Nexus was first revealed during the first Xbox Series X gameplay reveal video in May, but publisher Bandai Namco quickly announced the game would be coming to PS5 as well (and PS4, for that matter).

The futuristic action game follows a humanity besieged by mutants (that look like flower planters with legs, sure) who can only be fought with psychic powers. In other words, the best part of Control in a stylized anime setting. Bandai Namco confirmed this is the first in a new franchise (likely subject to its success) that’s being created by talent from the Tales Of series.

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One

Sherlock Holmes I presume? There have been many variations of Sherlock Holmes games but this one sees a younger version of the detective traveling to the Mediterranean to uncover the truth behind his mother’s death. The famous detective will be making his PS5 debut in 2021.

Solar Ash

Heart Machine’s follow-up to the lauded (and tough) Hyper Light Drifter is Solar Ash, another personal game “about reflection and progress”, according to a PlayStation Blog post. Given how similar the protagonists look in the old game and the new, perhaps the games are linked – but for now, all we know about Solar Ash is that players will try to stay alive as they travel through a world-swallowing space rift called the Ultravoid. Expect dynamic, gorgeous levels and slick action worthy of the next game by Hyper Light Drifter’s esteemed creators.


We don’t know a whole lot about Steelrising, apart from that it’s a Souls-like action game that sees you joining a revolution against King Louis XVI’s automata army. Coming to PC and next-gen consoles.


Do you like robots? Do you like neon lights? Do you like cats? Then Stray might well be the perfect game for you. From indie darlings Annapurna Interactive, Stray is a futuristic title, where humans seem to have been replaced by robots. Though the trailer wasn’t incredibly clear, it seems you’ll be navigating a Blade Runner style environment as a cat – one of the few living things around, it seems. What exactly you have to do in the game we’re not certain of yet – fingers crossed there’s a dedicated ‘purr’ button.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Developer of the Batman: Arkham games, Rocksteady Studios, has finally revealed its next project – a 2022-releasing game where you play as DC supervillains Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Deadshot and King Shark. It’s optionally co-op or singleplayer, and it’s set in the Arkham universe. Players will head to Metropolis – Superman’s home.


As announced during the State of Play live blog on August 6, TemTem will be heading to PS5 sometime in 2021.

If you’re unfamiliar with the title, TemTem is essentially the online PC version of Pokémon and you can currently find it in Early Access over on Steam. 2021 will also see it released on Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch.

The Elder Scrolls Online

Similarly to Doom Eternal, The Elder Scrolls Online will be offered on PS5 for free to existing owners of the game on PS4. The MMO has built up a good reputation over the past generation, and now has tons of content to explore.

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

Announced in March 2019, Daedalic’s Gollum game has now been confirmed for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

The developer confirmed to Edge, that The Lord of the Rings: Gollum will be a “stunning next-gen adventure”. Previously Daedlic confirmed Gollum will release in 2021 for PC and “all relevant console platforms at that time”. Whether the game will be cross-generation (releasing on PS4 and Xbox One also) is still unconfirmed however.

But what will the game actually be about? Gollum is an action-adventure which focuses on the ring-obsessed creature. According to Daedalic, the narrative-driven game”tells Gollum’s story from a perspective never seen before … while staying true to the legendary books.”

Unknown 9: Awakening

As one of the only new games announced at Gamescom Opening Night Live, Unknown 9: Awakening was revealed with a fancy CGI trailer. It showed a young girl named Haroona who’s struggling to understand her mystery, supernatural abilities.

Unknown 9: Awakening is scheduled to come to PS5 and PC, although no release date was given. The CGI trailer gives us an idea of the concept behind the game, but we’ll have to wait to see more of how develops.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 had already been announced for current consoles, but a new trailer was unveiled during the Xbox Series X gameplay reveal event indicating it was coming to that console. When that official trailer hit YouTube, we leanred it’s coming to PS5 as well.

Players take the role of a vampire in the World of Darkness, where undead like yourselves have the capability to entrance, hunt, and gruesomely kill humans. Plots, schemes, and action will change the balance of power in a shifting world. Neat!


Leyou Technology, parent company of Warframe developer Digital Extremes, has revealed that its free-to-play online sci-fi shooter Warframe will be coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X.

In an earnings report by Leyou Technology, the company stated that it’s “preparing to expand Warframe to more platforms, such as the next-generation consoles and other devices”.

However, there’s no indication of when Warframe will land on PS5 or Xbox Series X.

Watch Dogs: Legion

First announced at E3 2019, Watch Dogs Legion was initially confirmed for a March 2020 release. However, since then Ubisoft has confirmed that the game will release on October 29, 2020 for next gen and current-gen consoles – with PS4 players being able to upgrade to the PS5 version for free.

Worms Rumble

Worms games have become a familiar sight with each generation, but the series is taking an all new approach in Worms Rumble, which leaves the turn-based action behind for real-time warfare. A frantic arena-based shooter, Worms Rumble certainly looks like a blast, and with support for cross platform multiplayer and 32 players online, it’s gonna be tough to be the last worm standing when it comes to PS5.


It’s been officially confirmed that the latest version of the FIA World Rally Championship will officially hit Xbox Series X and PS5. The racing title will release in September 2020 for PC, Switch, Xbox One and PS4, but will also release on next-gen consoles.

“The introduction of new-generation gaming consoles is a wonderfully exciting step and we’re delighted WRC 9 will be the first rally game to become available to gamers on such platforms,” WRC Promoter managing director Oliver Ciesla said.

According to the game’s website, WRC 9 will feature rallies in Kenya, New Zealand and Japan from the 2020 WRC calendar, alongside over 400km of roads from all 13 scheduled rounds of the 2020 season.

WRC 10 and WRC 11 have also been confirmed.

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