Mobile gaming – future of esports

October 30

“The ubiquity of smartphones is bound to create “borderless eSports.” The future is literally in your pocket right now.

Smartphones were released onto the consumer market in the late 90’s but it gained mainstream popularity with the introduction of Apple iPhone in 2007. Its user-friendly features with a touchscreen interface and a virtual keyboard can be indicated as one of the reasons for its popularity. Today, it will be pretty difficult to find someone who has never used a smartphone or has not played any mobile games. That’s how revolutionized it is.

A year or two ago, if you asked anyone about esports, it would sound foreign to them. Thanks to the development in technology and gaming, esports have skyrocketed in its entire means. People accepted this industry only because of their love for video gaming. Tournaments which initially started on a small scale eventually turned out to be premier series ones with giant prize pots. But competitive mobile gaming has just hit the road.

The best out of best ones:
Here are the top 5 popular games in 2018, as per the likes of mobile gamers in no particular order.


2. Clash of Clans

3. Fortnite: Battle Royale

4. Clash Royale

5. Pokemon Go

Gaming leveled up:
Mobile gaming’s popularity got raised because of its convenience to play. It can be made even better by using accessories to boost your mobile gaming experiences like Bluetooth game controllers, physical trigger buttons, analog joysticks, and Bluetooth earphones. These portable add-ons ensure more precision and a gaming experience just like that in PC.
Now, what makes you think mobile gaming is not as good enough as that in a PC?

Why choose smartphones over PC?
Your go-to gaming device: In this modern era, not a day passes by without using your smartphone. From connecting calls to booking your tickets and spending your leisure time on your phones, this gadget is convenient to use and handy.
There are no worries in setting up your system because all you have to do is just install the gaming application in your smartphone. Hardware installation, concerned charges, portability issues fixed. Now, fight your battles and emerge victoriously! (P.S: you are not coughing up those extra bucks for expensive supreme quality laptop or PC)
The thought that graphics quality would be poor is also resolved as smartphones are designed with the best possible graphics within the device’s price range. Also, super quick charging and long-lasting batteries ensure that your smartphone is packed with enough juice without interrupting your game.

Will it be the future of esports?
An augmentation in the mobile gaming industry could probably result in esports tournament organizers to conduct mobile esports, at the earliest. This uprise can be linked to smartphone users shooting up day after day. So is gaming revenue. Game revenues from smartphones now stand way ahead of PC, with a growth of 32% to reach $38 billion in 2016.

The previous year, when Pokemon Go dominated the mobile gaming scene, this year it is PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) Mobile that became an instant blockbuster. In a research conducted by Facebook in 2016, it commissioned a survey of consumers who were 18 years and older across 12 countries in North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia to determine how they are interacting with mobile games. According to the report it stated that smartphones are the most popular gaming device, beating PC and other consoles. Surprisingly, a gush in mobile games also attracted parents, spending their evening leisure time by playing mobile games.

Big shots like Valve and Blizzard are paving their way to becoming the leaders in mobile esports just like how they are the rulers of esports. Efficiently utilizing economical data plans available in the market, budget-friendly smartphones and magnificent game development resources, they are definitely aiming to hit a home run in bringing mobile esports into the scene.
Given these points, gaming using PC does not overrule mobile gaming and the chances for the latter to be declared as the future of esports is equally likely. For esports is a competition using video games, the device does not matter but the nature and performance of players do. A pro gamer is a pro only if he can compete in mobile and other consoles. Go along with the flow because smartphones are today’s coolest PC and its gameplay is powerful than ever.

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