Interviewing ViiTal eSports

January 25

avery lussier

We recently had the opportunity to undertake a short interview with an upcoming CS:GO team based out of Canada, NA. A bunch of enthusiastic gamers coming out of the Gears of War fraternity is all set to make a mark in the CS:GO and Call of Duty land.

This is what Avery Lussier, the young CEO of ViiTaL eSports had to share with us.




  1. Can you please introduce your team to our readers?

Avery: Our current CS:GO team is built around the best players in the Texas region, currently we are still searching for a fifth player but have a solid four! Nick ‘N4j’ Norman, Matt ‘lightworker’ Hamner, Adam ‘yunoit’ Jacob, Devin ‘pattoN’ Patton.

  1. What really caused your transition from Gears of War to CS:GO and CoD?

Avery: I’ve always had a passion for CS:GO and call of duty, Gears of War was just a lucky hand we pulled to be completely honest.

  1. How different will it be from GoW?

Avery: I think the only differences will be the community, each community is different and we just have to adapt to this changes and ways of doing things if you will.

  1. Coming from Canada, NA, which also happens to be the stronghold of CS:GO, how more or less difficult do you think it is to make a great first impression?

Avery: Well personally I feel the Europe side has a stronger hand in the CS:GO community, but with that said it will be hard regardless of the area we play. Everyone has the goal of winning and showing their fans they are the best, we just need to focus and play our game.

  1. What are your early plans on entering the CS:GO scene? Any brands/investors/tournaments?

Avery: Our plans are to make a massive footprint like we did in the gear community last year, we want to show investors and sponsors we are working with some magic to hopefully better everyone’s 2017!

  1. Which do you think is the perfect team right now in CS:GO?

Avery: I’ve honestly haven’t had the chance to watch much competitive CS:GO lately, but my good friend ViiTaL Brisklyy tells me the “French super team” is one to watch for. That team will be all of the best French players until one organization after the next major, should be fun to see!

  1. What is your teams approach and how is the practice sessions going?

Avery: Ours teams approach is to just get the ball rolling, start getting wins until the belt and play it one game at a time, they practice almost daily so we are very confident in them overall!

  1. You are also taking on CoD, please shed some light on it.

Avery: We’ve decided to take it back to call of duty this year with the signing of our youth team. These guys are young (15-17) but understand the game and what it takes to be a pro, we want to develop with this team and push for that pro stop in a year or two. Until then we are focusing on MES, ETG, & NJROD type of LANs.

  1. What do you think makes an effective CS:GO player?

I think it’s really about commitment and dedication to the craft, anyone that works their ass off will be well rewarded in the long run.

The booming esports industry is witnessing a large migration of youth taking up esports professionally, this makes the entry of new teams pretty tough. But it’s all about perseverance and determination. Sportzcorp wishes ViiTaL eSports the very best for their future. Thanks a lot  Avery for having this chat. Cheers!

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