2018 World Championship – all set to go!

September 29

“First the gods bled, and then they died”. 2017 World Championship final, a rematch of previous years final, between Samsung Galaxy and SK Telecom T1 is lauded as the best tournament in the history of the game. Thus a benchmark was created which all feel could never be broken.
A few more hours left to witness the start of war of League – to win the coveted title of League of Legends 2018 World Championship, and where true gaming will win. 24 teams from professional leagues, fight it out on their virtual Warland neck-to-neck until the end, when a nano-second could change your fate. This year it’s an ‘All-Korea’ Worlds as the tournament takes place in Korea starting from October 1. But one factor missing in the Korean Worlds is team SKT T1 and its player Faker.

Money matters
The prize pool for 2017 Worlds was 4,946,970 USD. Not only did the winners take home their share but also a donation of 2 million USD were raised via sales of 2017 Worlds Championship Ashe skin, reaching out to charities. This received a lot of appreciation and praise establishing the Worlds as one of the best tournaments to look out for.
Till date, the amount raised for prize pool is $2,225,000 USD out of which 12.5% comes from Championship skins Kha’Zix & Ward. This is just an initial figure which is expected to rise till D-day i.e., October 1st. You could be a part of it too by unlocking in-game goodies.

How many would be watching?
Last year’s Worlds had a solid following of 60 million unique viewers, breaking 2016’s viewer record. Over the time, esports has only flourished ensuring a rise in the viewership rate. Also due to the rise in quality of gaming for this tournament, we can only expect the viewership figure to go up. Let’s expect it to be around 80 million. *giggles*

What’s changed in 2018?
1. Vietnam (VCS) is competing as an independent region for the first time at the Worlds, with a slot for their own separate from South East Asia (SEA). They’re off to a good start as the highest-ranking of the one-seed regions at Mid Season Invitational, their team will advance directly to the Group Stage.
2. Korean Worlds without the best team in the world – SKT. The team failed to qualify for the Worlds, unable to show off their skills at their hometown. Somehow, sadly, we have accepted the news but without the toughest competitor how good will the Worlds be? We’ll have to wait and watch.
3. This time the Worlds is a little shorter than usual, hoping to reduce the amount of time pro gamers and their team have to spend on the road in a foreign land. Thus, Group Stage games are reduced to 2 days from 4.

Teams to look out for
1. Fnatic: This team has got EU LCS 2018 Summer MVP, Rasmus “Caps” Winther who is passionate and always motivated to win LoL. Team coach Dylan Falco says Martin “Rekkles” Larsson is “one of the most disciplined and hard-working players I’ve coached”. Another player who has turned into a gaming monster, jungler Mads “Broxah” Brock-Pedersen. When all their primary will to win and their passion for the game intensified, could lead the team to win the title this year.
2. Gen.G: Formerly known as Samsung Galaxy, the winners of 2017 World Championship. They were the Korean underdogs who claimed the title unexpectedly. Will they repeat history this year too?
3. Afreeca Freecs: Their performance in the playoffs, beating both Gen.G and Kingzone DragonX and taking Griffin to five games to go down fighting, was very promising proving that they knew how to perform in crunch time against more decorated teams, even as the underdogs almost the entire time. If they can do this at the Worlds too, where they’ll have to deal with the best teams from other regions as well, it could be a serious weapon leading them to success.
4. Royal Never Give Up: Winners of LPL Summer, they have the best bot lane carry in the whole world – Jian “Uzi” Zi-Hao. There’s no other bot laner who can match up to his gaming abilities even he’s fed or breaks down in the bot lane. The team relies on this power to reach the finals and so far no team has been able to pressure RNG’s much-weaker positions to the point where Uzi can’t get what he needs.
5. Team Liquid: Winner of NA LCS Summer 2018, this team has consistently shown a graph of good performances. The MVP of that tournament, Yiliang “Doublelift “ Peng, has been trying to extend the fact that he’s the best AD Carry. A six-year veteran of professional League of Legends, three-time NA LCS Champion and a three-time All-Star competitor. What else do you need to heat up the game?

Who would probably win?
We hope to see Team Liquid and Fnatic in the final matches. Winner of EU LCS Summer 2018 vs Winner of NA LCS Summer 2018. Our bet is on both the teams. Who do you think would make it to the finals? Let us know by dropping your comments on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page.

It’s time
The clock is ticking and there are only a few hours left for the war of League to begin. Lined up are the best and deserving teams qualified to put in their blood, sweat, and tears to claim the title of the tournament. Starting from October 1st, 2018 make yourself ready to witness the best ever tournaments in the history of League of Legends. May the best team “RISE” and win!

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