Apex Legends Ranked Mode Plagued with Hackers! Players take to Twitter with #SaveApexRanked

June 29

Apex Legends Pros and Streamers band together with the Plea

Image Courtesy: Apex Legends

Apex Legends, with all the amazing gameplay isn’t without its fair share of hackers. Hackers and DDoSers have plagued the game for nearly two seasons, and now, everyone has had enough.

Recently the Apex Legends pros and streamers banded together on Twitter using #SaveApexRanked as a protest against the officials not taking proper action or implementing security measures against such hackers.

The #SaveApexRanked movement sprung to life shortly after Respawn revealed another round of measures to “crack down” on cheating in Apex and has already made it to trending on Twitter. They include bringing in more employees to “focus on manual bans,” finding more tools to “catch and remove cheaters from games” more quickly, and developing new devices to “automatically detect and stop DDOS attacks”.

NRG’s Chris “sweetdreams” Sexton began the twitter wave with an “Empty Promises and False Hope” twitlonger

Empty Promises and False Hope. #SaveApexRanked before it’s too late. Read: https://t.co/ruTdiQ7FGN

— sweet (@sweetdreamsh1) June 28, 2021

The heartfelt plea to save a game that he is passionate about struck a chord with the Apex community as multiple professionals began picking up the torch as well. The streamer recounted his frustrations with the state of ranked in Apex. Other high-profile pros and content creators followed suit

We all love Apex and are very appreciative of what it has done for many of us, this is why fellow pros and I have come together to speak up on the issues we have been having, please give this a thorough read as it comes from a good place! #SaveApexRanked https://t.co/96AJ7Amtmj

— TSM FTX Snip3down (@Snip3down) June 28, 2021

The emergence of the hashtag is a symptom of a serious, complex issue with cheating in Apex. Although Respawn has offered a handful of measures to solve the problem, its results may not be instant or even sufficient.

“Let this tweet serve as a way to hold them accountable for what they say is going to happen,” sweetdreams said.

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